Saturday, June 24, 2017

Top Affordable Restaurants in Times Square NYC for Less Than $15

Before traveling to NYC and Times Square:

I’ve been to New York City four times in my life. I celebrated my honeymoon here. Both of us have been supporters of all New York City has to offer.  We've even been to the Times Square New Year's Ball Drop.  The third time I stayed.    We spent some time preparing for our trip.  My wife and I are well-traveled but always plan in each of our trips.

Here are some things we considered game-changers when we came to New York and Times Square:
  1. Prepare to be around a LOT OF PEOPLE
  2. Make a list of all the Restaurants in Times Square you can eat for less than $15
  3. Carry extra cash. The attractions sometimes only take dollar bills.
  4. Download a NYC Train App.  The app contains delay and map / route information which can make your trip so much more pleasant.
  5. Buy a Week / Daily train pass. Walking around NYC is pretty easy, but you can navigate faster (especially if you have a "list" prepared.
  6. Get a selfie stick. I know… it sounds corny. But you can cover so much background while on an elevated position.
  7. Carry 2 bottles of water at all times - Trust me.  There will be times when you need that water to wash your hands.
  8. Phone charger.  NYC has charging stations all over the place.  You are going to need a lot of charge to have your camera on.
  9. Hotspots and Reception - Download their apps.  New Yorkers take their wi-fi security very serious.  Do your research and have a backup plan for access to the internet.

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