Saturday, June 24, 2017

Top Affordable Restaurants in Times Square NYC for Less Than $15

Before traveling to NYC and Times Square:

I’ve been to New York City four times in my life. I celebrated my honeymoon here. Both of us have been supporters of all New York City has to offer.  We've even been to the Times Square New Year's Ball Drop.  The third time I stayed.    We spent some time preparing for our trip.  My wife and I are well-traveled but always plan in each of our trips.

Here are some things we considered game-changers when we came to New York and Times Square:
  1. Prepare to be around a LOT OF PEOPLE
  2. Make a list of all the Restaurants in Times Square you can eat for less than $15
  3. Carry extra cash. The attractions sometimes only take dollar bills.
  4. Download a NYC Train App.  The app contains delay and map / route information which can make your trip so much more pleasant.
  5. Buy a Week / Daily train pass. Walking around NYC is pretty easy, but you can navigate faster (especially if you have a "list" prepared.
  6. Get a selfie stick. I know… it sounds corny. But you can cover so much background while on an elevated position.
  7. Carry 2 bottles of water at all times - Trust me.  There will be times when you need that water to wash your hands.
  8. Phone charger.  NYC has charging stations all over the place.  You are going to need a lot of charge to have your camera on.
  9. Hotspots and Reception - Download their apps.  New Yorkers take their wi-fi security very serious.  Do your research and have a backup plan for access to the internet.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Le Soleil Haitian Restaurant Re-Opens its Doors

When Le Soleil closed, everyone was stunned because sweet, gutsy Rolande had come to NYC from Haiti in  1973 with nothing much but sheer determination and her great family recipes. For decades, Le Soleil had always managed to survive the blight of midtown’s Westside, other recessionary times, and the ever increasing rent prices. But as luck would have it, the landlord who had watched her grow her business over the years retired. The new rental agreement was one that she simply could not afford having completed renovations to attract more customers.  She was forced to close.  On the rainy and stormy night that Le Soleil closed, Rolande vowed : I will be back. When asked: Where? She replied: Right here, in my same neighborhood. Everyone will be looking for me…And now she is keeping her word!
Her kitchen is now open for business on Tenth Avenue between 57-56th Streets. Customers can  eat-in, take-out and have special events catered. BYOBB is welcomed as well. Since re-opening Le Soleil, old customers have been knocking on her door asking:  Where have you been? Are you open now?   Whenever possible, with her melodious Kreyol accent, Rolande says:  You know, everything happens for a reason. I believe that. New York has been so good to me. I could not stop because I do not quit…never! And with that, Le Soleil opened almost one month after Rolande’s  72nd birthday, truly a birthday present to herself and to all New York City food lovers!


Home of Le Soleil Authentic

After 40 Tough Years Of Doing Business On Tenth Avenue In Midtown Manhattan, “Le Soleil Haitian Restaurant” Closed Its’ Door In October 2011__On Tuesday, March 26th 2013 Owner, Rolande Keeps Her Promise And Re-opens Le Soleil, Back On Tenth Avenue Between 57-56 Streets…

Le Soleil, the only Haitian-American restaurant in mid-town Manhattan re-opened on Tuesday, March 26th 2013, 18 months after being forced to close in 2011. For almost 40 years, owner, Rolande Bisserth ran her small kitchen-like restaurant on 10th Avenue  between 57 – 58th Streets, right near John Jay College and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Hospital with Haiti in her heart.  Le Soleil was a local favorite for passersby, taxi cab and  limousine drivers, tourists  and loyal westside neighbors. Everyone  enjoyed Rolande's delicious, authentic Haitian cuisine, and she allowed no short-cuts in her kitchen. Tassot:  Cabrit, Griot and Dinde, Poisson Rose, Poulet, Legumes, Acra,  and rice with red beans seasoned just right, took you straight to Port-Au-Prince daily. Even better, the meals were priced right! As rental prices soared and the recession kept people from eating out as often, Le Soleil Restaurant was forced to close. The rent was just too high!

Le Soleil Restaurant __Serving Haitian Cuisine 
858 Tenth Avenue @ 57th Street
 New York, NY  10019    
Telephone:  212.581.6059
Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM Daily   Except Sunday- Closed at 9PM

Rolande Bisserth ran her small kitchen-like restaurant

For almost 40 years, owner, Rolande Bisserth ran her small kitchen-like restaurant on 10th Avenue  between 57 – 58th Streets, right near John Jay College and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Hospital with Haiti in her heart...
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Events 2013

Le Soleil, the only Haitian-American restaurant in mid-town Manhattan,  re-opened on Tuesday, March 26th 2013

05.18.2013 Haitian Independance Day 
Come Celebrate our History and Culture

06.11.2013 Haiti vs. Spain in World Cup Qualifier 
Come join us for lunch or dinner to watch and support our team